THE FORMULA: A modern reinterpretation of the teenage ‘superhero’ story returns for Vol. 2

THE FORMULA: A modern reinterpretation of the teenage ‘superhero’ story returns for Vol. 2

THE FORMULA: A modern reinterpretation of the teenage ‘superhero’ story returns for Vol. 2.


“We are incredibly excited to present ‘THE FORMULA VOLUME #2’ to readers worldwide,” said the Johnson brothers. “We have poured our hearts and souls into this project, and we believe it will exceed the expectations of both our existing fans and new readers alike.”

Building upon the success of the first volume, VOLUME #2 takes readers on a thrilling and immersive journey through the intricately crafted city of ‘Bayview’, a fictional city placed in South Los Angeles. The reception of THE FORMULA’s debut release was phenomenal through the Canadian-based indie major publisher, FriesenPress. It gained major momentum as an original production picked up by the fledgling animation studio, AnimeHipHop, during the past 2 years of its nationwide tour to healthy sales at the country’s biggest comic book conventions and as well as smaller, local comic book shops from “Los Angeles Comic Con” to “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash”, in Redbank, New Jersey. Featuring a racially diverse cast created by Black authors who are also siblings in real life, The Formula aimed to re-imagine the tropes of the teenage superhero and bring it to a new standard of storytelling.


Co writer and illustrator, Eli stands next to one of the owners of the iconic “Blast from The Past” in Burbank, CA.

Official merchandise, orchestral score, and an NFT collection were also released since the first Volume drop in August 2020.

VOLUME #2 follows the lead characters, Romeo and Jay Jones’ first steps towards the path of vigilantism after their mother becomes the victim of a superhuman attack in the first Volume. The rabbit hole goes deeper as Homicide Detective Marc Bronson discovers there may be more to the timing of that attack, an old enemy’s reemergence from the past, and a recent surge of superhuman crimes sweeping the city.

Volume #2 drops in August, distributed by AnimeHipHop through all major online book stores. Fans can pre-order #2 before the drop by getting the bundle from AnimeHipHop’s store.



The family business: Aaron (elder brother, left), Fredrick (father, middle) and Eli (younger brother, right). The film studio based in Castaic, CA, was acquired by AnimeHipHop in a joint venture with Electrifying Events last Summer. For more information about “THE FORMULA: VOLUME #2” and the Johnsons, please visit THEFORMULACOMIC.COM.

About AnimeHipHop:
AnimeHipHop is a black-owned animation production studio branched in Los Angeles and New York dedicated to creating groundbreaking original multimedia projects. Learn more at About the Johnsons:
Fredrick, Aaron, and Eli Johnson are a talented family trio of creators who come from a long lineage of entertainers. Combined, their art, music and acting appearances have been featured over 300 films and publications from Fox, Marvel, Columbia University, Lucasfilm,, Universal Records, Republic Records, and Fantasy Flight Games. THE FORMULA is their first original published series, with more original titles to come. Learn more at
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